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We only offer state-of-the-art commercial grade waterproofing, material and services on all of our waterproofing projects. Our difference is in the quality and experience you will find on each job we perform.


Why waterproof?

  • Protect your foundation
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Avoid serious long-term health risks
  • Protect your investment
  • Peace of mind


The time is now for quality waterproofing!

When the average person thinks about home ownership and home improvement, basement waterproofing is probably not the first thing to come to mind. But then again, neither is a damp and moldy basement.

Give our trained and trusted crew a call today and get your basement in the best shape it can be.


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The Basement Flume

The Basement Flume® is a modular interior perimeter drainage channel designed to provide protection at the vulnerable wall-floor juncture in basement leaking applications.

Two versions of The Basement Flume® are available: with and without wall riser.

-The version with the wall riser is primarily used where it is possible to lay the drainage channel close to the wall to collect any water that may seep from a crack, wall tie, etc.

-The version without the wall riser is used where it is not possible or needed to lay the channel directly next to the wall (e.g. i.e. laterals, uneven walls, and stepped foundations).

The Basement Flume® has the following advantages:

  • Cost
  • Ease Of Use
  • Controls Water Egress
  • Fast Fit To Long Runs
  • Tough & Durable Design
  • American Made
  • Patented
  • University Tested

Protecting your home and the environment.

Our basement drainage products are made of recycled products.  Their composite structure makes them ideal for the harshest environments. The design of our drainage products allow them to drain 70% more water than conventional drainage methods. This site water drainage system is in use throughout the United States and is considered a “green building” product.


Get proper drainage services today.

  • Control water flow
  • Remove excess moisture
  • Protect your property’s foundation
  • Mold and mildew remediation

Trust your home’s structure to the professionals.

Poor drainage can destroy your home! It is very important that water can flow away from your structure.  If storm water is able to build near your foundation, you are asking for a wet basement.

Hunter and Son installs all types of drainage including downspout drains, catch basins, channel drains, grass swales, and concrete flumes.


Are you in the market for wall anchoring?

If you are seeing signs of bowed or cracked walls, that is a good indication that a foundation settling or wall is too weak to support the load behind it. For over 30 years we have been providing structural support and we can get your job done quickly and efficiently.


Backfill at Hunter and Son in Winfield Kansas



Wall anchoring:

  • Prevents bowing of walls
  • Supports existing structure
  • Creates a stable base


Other Basement Projects: