Prevent Earthquake Damage To Your Home

Hunter and Son Construction  constantly evaluates changing soil conditions through rigorous research and development at the NIAR, Wichita State University’s prestigious research facility.   We have developed and tested a pier for foundations that is designed to withstand the movement of earthquakes and keep your foundation from settling.  Protecting your home or building from future settling  is our top priority.

Do you have active soil?

We are a certified installation company that specializes in the Stabilis Piering System for commercial and residential use. If you are in need of foundation repair, give us a call today.


What sets helical systems apart?

What are helical piers?

A helical pier is a hydraulically driven steel anchor that is torqued into the earth until it meets   the desired design load criteria.  Piering brackets are attached to the footing and stem wall and a mechanical connection is made between the helical pier shaft and footing bracket.

The structure beneath can now be raised back to a pre-determined elevation with a hydraulic jack, pump and manifold system.  This mechanism allows for elevation control of the structure.

What sets resistance piers apart?

  • Strength
  • Made in the USA
  • Independence
  • Reliability
  • Training
  • Verified Load Capacities

Resistance Piering

Steel piers (Resistance Piers) are hydraulically driven pilings that are forced into the earth utilizing the live load (buildings contents) and dead load (buildings make up, i.e. footings, stem walls, roof structure, etc.) Our piering system utilizes a 10,000 psi hydraulic pumping system.

Other Foundations Projects: